In Love with a Taco


It’s Valentine’s Day in New Zealand and so it seems appropriate to dedicate a blog post to love, letting the world know that I have fallen in love. I am in love with a taco.

This love story begins on an overcast summer day in the Otago region. Mary and I had planned to go canyoning, but for the second time on our trip inclement weather spoiled our plans--heavy rains from the previous day made the river conditions too dangerous. Instead, we half-heartedly hiked Queenstown Hill instead, and planned to follow up the hike with a taco lunch at a place I had discovered via Instagram. that a "T" for Taco?

As every hiker knows (or maybe it’s just Mary and me) a hike is always more enjoyable when you have food to look forward to at the end. You know, as your thighs start to burn climbing one switchback after another, it helps to be able to yell, “TACOOOS! Do it for the TACOOOOS!!” That’s a thing, right? Side note: if you don’t have a meal to look forward to, it’s also helpful to yell “GLUUUTES!” or “CAAALVES!” or any other leg muscle, really. Alright, back to tacos.

Behind a rather unremarkable counter tucked away in a Queenstown alley, the Taco Medic assembles fresh, locally-sourced ingredients into one truly remarkable taco. The tortillas are made from masa brought in from Mexico and you can tell. It was love at first bite.

Look at that beauty.

Throughout my 25 years on this earth I have had my share of good, even great, tacos, but this was a life-altering taco. It was the kind of taco that ruins you for any other taco, ever. So my apologies in advance to every taco in my life that will have the misfortune of passing my lips after a Taco Medic one did.

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in Queenstown, do not miss these tacos. Unless you don’t like tacos…in which case, who are you? Also, I feel obligated to say this is not a sponsored post, I’m just really into these tacos.

So here's to love, in all its forms, but mostly its taco form.