Kiwi Slang: the Letter B

The second installment of the weekly slang series is here! This time we move onto the letter B. She's a bloody bugger of a letter, if I do say so myself. Let's get into it!

Kiwi words and slang starting with the letter B

Bach – Pronounced “batch.” A holiday home or beach house in the countryside, usually pretty small and modest, where families go to vacation.

Bench – Kitchen counter.

Bevy – Short for beverage; definitely referring to the alcoholic variety.

Bin – Garbage, trash. Ex: “That milk is spoiled, chuck it in the bin.” Can also be used as a verb: “That milk is spoiled, bin it.”

Biscuit – Cookie. It's a cookie.

Bloody – Used the same way the Brits would use it. Or you can just use it however you bloody well please.

Bogan – The New Zealand version of a hillbilly. Think mullets and cut-off flannel shirts.

Bonnet – The front of the car, if you try to say “hood” you’ll also get some real weird looks.

Boot – The back of the car, if you try to say “trunk” you’ll get some real weird looks.

Bugger - Can be used as an exclamation, similar to "damn." Can also refer to a person or thing. Ex: "You cheeky bugger!"

Buggered - Exhausted, broken.

Bugger all – Bugger replaces another expletive here, basically the equivalent to jack-sh*t.

Bugger off – Get out of town, head out, leave.

There you have it, the letter B, sorted. "C" you next week for Lesson Three!