Kiwi Slang: the Letter D

We've already arrived at Week Four of our Kiwi Slang lessons--what can I say, time flies when you're having fun! Without further ado...

Kiwi words and slang starting with the letter D

Dairy – A small corner store, like a mini-mart or convenience store. Often sells pies and lollies (you'll just have to wait for the letters P & L to find out what those mean!)

Devo – Short for devastated. Ex: “If they’ve sold out of donuts I’ll be devo.”

The ditch – Refers to the Tasman Sea, the “ditch” between Australia and New Zealand. If you’re going on a trip to Aussie you’re “crossing the ditch.”

Dodgy – Sketchy/Seedy.

Done and dusted – A phrase usually said at the completion of a task. It means taken care of, sorted out, figured out.

Durrie – Cigarrette.

Dusty – Hungover. Ex: “Feeling a little dusty after getting on the beers last night.”

There you have it, the letter D, done and dusted. Next week we'll double up and tackle the letters E and F. Whoa. Check back next Saturday if you think you can handle it.