Kiwi Slang (doubleshot): the Letters H and I

Aaaand we're back on the Kiwi Slang wagon. Up next are the letters H and I, mostly because I can only think of one "I" word. So without further ado...

Kiwi slang and phrases starting with the letters H and I

Hardout – All out, full force, a lot. Ex: “She’s been going hardout in the gym lately.” Can also be shortened to “hard” and said in enthusiastic agreement like “totally” or “seriously.” Ex: “Wanna get fish n chips for dinner?” “Yeah, hard!”

Haka – The traditional Māori war dance that involves a lot of eyeball-popping and tongue-wagging and body-slapping. Guaranteed to give you goosebumps every time. Watch the All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team) perform it before a game here.

Haere Mai – Welcoming greeting in Te Reo, you’ll see it on highway signs as you enter new towns.

Heaps – Lots, a lot, very much. Ex: “We’ve still got heaps to do.” “Love you heaps!”

Hokey-pokey – This is a super Kiwi flavor, especially for ice cream. I thought it was some kind of toffee but recently learned it’s actually just honeycomb.

Iceblock – Not a block of ice. It’s a popsicle or ice cream bar.

Nine letters of the alphabet down, fifteen to go! Check back next week for the letter J, that is, if you think you can handle the jandal.