Kiwi Slang (doubleshot): The Letters N & O

Kiwi slang and phrases starting with the letter N

Nappy – Diaper. Not an abbreviation for napkin.

Nek minute – You may know this one from a viral Youtube video a while back. You may not know, however, that the dude from the video is Kiwi. "Next minute" is like "next thing you know." I'm not going to try to explain further so I'll just leave the link here.

Nip – Not a noun, a verb. In the way Americans might say, “I’m just gonna pop down to the store,” Kiwis say, “I’m just gonna nip down to the store.”

No worries – This is pretty self-explanatory, but in New Zealand you use it in pretty much any and all cases, and especially as a response to "thank you," instead of saying "you're welcome." No worries is more than a phrase, it is a Kiwi way of life.

Kiwi slang and phrases starting with the letter O

OE – "Overseas Experience." Much like how many young Europeans take a gap year before starting University, young Kiwis tend to jet off sometime in their early twenties for the coming-of-age rite-of-passage overseas experience, which is shorted to OE, because when speaking Kiwi, shorten words wherever and as often as possible.

Onto it – Efficient, capable, astute. The best American phrase I can relate it to would be "with it."