Kiwi Slang (doubleshot): The Letters Q & R

Kiwi slang and phrases starting with the letter Q

Wait, are there any? I don't think so, but I'm open to your input. Let me know if I missed something.

Kiwi slang and phrases starting with the letter R

Real fruit ice cream – Ok, ok, I'm not sure this technically qualifies as "slang" but it is something you need to know if you're in New Zealand. It's vanilla ice cream and frozen fruit (usually berries) mixed together in a machine that squeezes out something resembling soft serve. Real fruit ice cream stands pop up all over the country in the summer months, on the sides of the road, at beaches, at gas stations... you won't go very far without running into one, and you should never pass one by, just trust me on this one.

Reckon – To think, to guess, to imagine. This is one of those words that's so commonly used that you'll find it coming out of your mouth within a few months of living in Kiwiland. One of my favorite memories is the announcer at a Nelson Giants basketball game yelling, "WHADDAYA RECKON, NELSON!?!" to get the crowd riled up (and it worked.) One more note on reckon, you might hear folks say something that sounds like, "Jyareyckun?" Kiwis have a tendency to string words together so everything sounds like a single monotone word. They're saying, "Do you reckon?" as in, "Do you think so?"

Rock up – To arrive, to show up, to roll up.

Root – Slang for having sex, kind of similar to the use of "bang" in American slang. This is especially unfortunate for American yoga teachers (me) who use the verb "root" in a very different way. Let's just say I retrained myself to say "ground" instead of "root" very quickly. Also unfortunate for American sports fans (me) that describe themselves as "rooting for" a particular team...

Ring – A phone call. If someone is giving you a ring they're not proposing marriage.

Rubbish – Garbage, trash. Also, it's a rubbish bin, not a rubbish can