Kiwi Slang (doubleshot): The Letters T & U

Kiwi words and phrases starting with the Letter T

Ta – Short for “thanks.”

Takeaways – Takeout, to-go food.

Taking the piss – To joke, to kid, to tease, or to make fun of someone/something. If you were just kidding you would say, “Aw mate, I’m just taking the piss outta ya.” Or if you wanted to say, “No way!” you could say, “Are you taking the piss?”

Tea – Dinner. I learned this one via a text from a Kiwi friend three months in that said: “Tea sorted, come to bbq if ya keen,” which I read and re-read a few times before consulting urban dictionary. Don’t ask me why you can’t just say dinner, slang is weird.

Togs – A swimsuit. Togs is always plural, even if you’re just referring to one swimsuit.

To the days – Used at the end of a statement to add emphasis to whatever you’ve just said. Ex: “Aw yeah I’m stoked to the days!” (Someone is very stoked.)

Tramp – A hike, to hike. Ex: “Have you done any of the tramps in the National Park?” “Yeah, I’ve done a fair bit of tramping.”

Toilet – Yes, you know what a toilet it, but in New Zealand you say “toilet” when referring to public restrooms. It’s not considered an impolite or crass word like it is in the states. If you ask where the “restroom” is, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re not Kiwi.

Torch – Flashlight.

Kiwi words and phrases starting with the Letter U

Ute – Pickup truck.