Kiwi Slang: The Letter S

Kiwi words and phrases starting with the Letter S

Scroggin – Trail mix. I never picked this one up, “scroggin” just doesn’t sound like something you should be eating...

Scull – To chug (usually) an alcoholic beverage. Ex: “Scull! Scull! Scull!”

Shattered – To be really disappointed or devastated.

She’ll be right – “It’ll all work out.” It’s a phrase, but it’s also a Kiwi way of life, a kind of “cross that bridge when we get to it” mentality.

Shout – To pay for someone’s meal, to treat them, or pick up the tab. Ex: You arrive at the cash register and your mate says, “No worries, I’ll shout.” You respond, “Aw chur bro.”

Singlet – Tank top.

Skint – Broke.

Serviette – Paper napkin.

Suss – To figure or sort something out; to assess a situation. OR it can refer to something suspicious or sketchy.

Spew – To puke.

Sweet as – Maybe the most well-known and widely-used Kiwi slang, “sweet as” is often used to end a conversation and means “okay, cool” or “alright.” 

Sorted – Means something is all set, or figured out.