Sun Salutation Workshop // Sunday, October 6th, 1-3pm at Root Yoga Seattle

In this workshop we will deconstruct the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), the sequence of poses on which modern vinyasa yoga is built.
This workshop will provide you with tools to modify or intensify a sun salutation to fit the individual needs of your practice. Newer practitioners will have an opportunity to break down the Sun Salutation and learn each element step-by-step, at a slower pace than in a normal class setting. More seasoned practitioners have the opportunity to refine their existing skills and deepen their knowledge of this fundamental set of poses. There will be time designated at the end of the session for questions and answers.
Attendees will leave with a short manual that includes written descriptions of each of the poses that make up a sun salutation, basic alignment principles, and a brief history of the origins of Surya Namaskar.
Prior experience practicing vinyasa yoga will be helpful, but not required.

Investment: $35 if registered by September 29th / $40 thereafter (Click button below to register.)